December 24, 2018

3 Latin American Must Have Spice Blends

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Latin American Spice Blends

Argentinian Chimmichurri Spice Blend

  • What is it – Chimichurri is a popular sauce for marinading or putting on top of grilled meats in Argentina. The blend can be prepared fresh using fresh ingredients or bought in a dry pre-blended form. With many different regional variations, the ingredients used to make the sauce may change.
  • Region – Argentina, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Colombia,Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.
  • Taste-Spicy and tangy. Depending on the type of chilli used, few spice blends can also have a slight heat to it.
  • Uses – Primarily used as a grilling sauce added to olive oil for meats, poultry and fish. You can also use it for making stuffing or to marinade chunky vegetables and grilling cheese.
  • Typical Ingredients – paprika, garlic, red bell pepper, parsley, coarse salt, black pepper, cumin, sumac, oregano, dried Tomato, lemon rind.

Mexican Achiote Paste Spices

achiote-powder paste uses for cooking

  • What is it – “Achiote” is another name for Annato seeds. It’s a bright rusty -red spice that has a peppery aroma and a subtle flavour.  Achiote paste is made by griding Annota seeds with olive oil. You can also buy achiote powder and add it with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice to make into a paste.
  • Region –Mexico,  Caribbean, Central and South America
  • Taste- Earthy, mild and slightly nutty. It has a pleasant, sweetish aroma with peppery faint overtones mint.
  • Uses – Used primarily to add colour and subtle flavour to food such as rice dishes, meat, fish and vegetables. Used for making and adding colour to stews, soups, tacos, dry rubs.
  • Typical Ingredients – Annato seeds

Fajita and Taco Seasoning

Fajita seasoning taco seasoning uses and buy online

  • What is it – Although fajita and taco seasoning are two different types of seasoning to make different dishes, you can use one for the other if you wish as they both have similar ingredients. While fajita seasoning has additional souring agent, taco seasoning typically has more paprika and no additional citric acid.  Its a popular spice mix belonging to Tex-Mex cuisine.
  • Region –Mexico and Texas – America
  • Taste- Mild, tangy and spicy with a slight sweet aroma.
  • Uses -Apart from making tacos, fajitas and burritos you can also use fajita seasoning for making spicy marinades, spreads, dips or sprinkle on chicken or beef. Use to spruce up your soups, stews and curries.
  • Typical Ingredients – cumin powder, ancho chiles, arbol chiles, oregano, toasted coriander, black peppercorns