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How To Use Cinnamon Sticks – 12 Fabulous Ideas

How To Use Cinnamon Sticks – 12 Fabulous Ideas

The aromatic edible bark that is consumed globally, Cinnamon is the world’s most used baking spice. You may be familiar with using ground cinnamon but how to you use cinnamon sticks and is it any better than the ground version? Lets find out.

how to use cinnamon stick in a bowl
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Cinnamon is perhaps the world’s most celebrated spice used in kitchens and cuisines far and wide, for many synonymous with cold winters and Christmas.

The most popular form of cinnamon used for cooking and baking is the ground form. There is not much awareness about cinnamon stick uses or the avoidance of grinding long hard sticks each time.

But did you know that the uses of cinnamon sticks is perhaps far greater than cinnamon powder?

In this post we will touch upon how to use cinnamon sticks instead of ground cinnamon in cooking, baking and some other interesting cinnamon stick uses, the benefits of cinnamon, how to grind whole sticks and much more.

What Is Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is an ancient spice that comes from the inner bark of several species of  tropical evergreen tree called cinnamomum genus.

Strips of the inner bark are carefully dried until they curl into rolls known as cinnamon sticks or quills.

Primarily native to China and Sri-lanka, cinnamon is now grown in many tropical climate countries of Asia, Europe and Americas.

Interestingly cinnamon spice is a loose relative of bay leaves as they belong to the laurel tree family heritage.

Depending on the types of tree they originate from , there are different types of cinnamon used for cooking and available in the market. It may be useful to know the difference to help you choose your best cinnamon type.

Cinnamon In Other Languages

Cinnamon in English – Cinnamon

Cinnamon in hindi – Dal chini

Cinnamon French – Cannelle

Cinnamon in German – Zimt

Cinnamon in Spanish – Canela


Watch this short video on the types of cinnamon sticks, cooking uses and benefits.

What Does Cinnamon Taste Like

Cinnamon has a very distinctive sharp and sweet taste.

It is woody and fragrant.(not a surprise as it is essential a chip from the old wood)

It is used to add both fragrance as well as taste to any dish.

If you use cinnamon especially cinnamon powder in a dish you are sure to taste it in the dish.

Cinnamon falls into the warm/ sweet spice category.

How To Use Cinnamon Sticks

The use of cinnamon in cooking is centuries old and it is perhaps the most popular spice in the world.

There is a use of cinnamon in almost every cuisine.

The most popular type that is used for baking and cooking is ground or powdered cinnamon.

However there are far more uses and benefits of cinnamon sticks when compared to the ground form.

In this section I will share how to use whole cinnamon sticks in cooking and various other uses.

1. Use of cinnamon in cooking

  • You can use it in broths, teas, soups, stews and curries.
  • Drop a whole stick when boiling rice, semolina, bulgar wheat, legumes or lentils for an aromatic fragrance.
  • Add a stick or two to pot pies and casseroles that is left to bake for a long period of time.
  • Grind cinnamon stick into powder and add it in cakes, bakes, puddings, desserts, cereals, smoothies and drinks.

2. How to use cinnamon stick in tea?

It is so easy to make cinnamon tea with the quills. Simply boil a cup of water and throw in 1/2 inch of cinnamon stick in boiling water. Simmer water for 3-5 minutes. Remove the stick before serving.

3. How to use cinnamon quills for baking?

Unfortunately you cannot use whole cinnamon stick or quills for baking desserts and cakes. You are better off using ground cinnamon for that. For baking ground whole sticks into powder and add it to your dish.

I have explained the process of making cinnamon powder with sticks below.

4. How to use cinnamon sticks for infusing flavour?

One of te best uses of whole sticks is when it is added to any liquid base. This could be warm liquid like broth, gravy, or sauces.

Or cold like oil, honey, maple syrup, soya sauce, liquors.

All you need to do is throw in a whole stick to infuse the liquid with a cinnamony flavour.

The longer you leave it in cool liquids the stronger will be the taste. This is similar for warm liquids as well, the longer you leave it to simmer the stronger the flavour.

5. Other uses of cinnamon

  • Use a whole cinnamon stick as a fancy stirrer for your cocktails or add a small piece to any drink
  • Put whole sticks over your charcoal or electric BBQ for a smokey aromatic woody fragrance.
  • Use the sticks for different types of craft and home decor ideas. This is a great idea to reuse cinnamon sticks, especially if they are used whole in a dish.

In whichever way you use a whole cinnamon stick it is best to remove it from the dish before serving.

Health Benefits Of  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice synonymous with festivities, bakes, cookies and fragrant warm days.

Knowingly or unknowingly you have been doing your food and yourself a wealth of good my adding this wonderful spice to your meals.

Cinnamon has been used for medicinal properties for centuries and has many health benefits.

So is Cinnamon good for you? You judge for yourself.

May help control Type 2 Diabetes – In a study of control trial with patients with type 2 diabetes it was found that cinnamon helped in reducing blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity.

May help prevent cancer and Inflammation-  The antioxidant properties of Cinnamon is far more than other superfoods. The polyphenols present protect against DNA damage and cell mutations associated with cancer and inflammation.

Maintain good oral health – The antimicrobial properties help in reducing bacteria that cause tooth decay and also act as a breath fresher.

May help fight against infections – Cinnamaldehyde is one of the main active components present in the spice that protects the body against infections. Although more research needs to be done on this, it is believed that Cinnamon can reduce the growth of bacteria like listeria, salmonella and yeast infection.

Reduce cholesterol – Some studies indicate that people who ate fatty meals but rich in spices such as turmeric and cinnamon had reduced about of tricycerides. Cinnamon may play a role to lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol.

How Much Cinnamon Should You Take

Due to the different varieties of cinnamon, the composition of different components and the serving sizes it is difficult to say how much is the recommended cinnamon intake.

One can say that taking 1/2 to 1 tsp or 1 inch of cinnamon stick a day is sufficient amount.

It is also good to be aware of the the side effects of Cinnamon.

Cinnamon of all varieties contain blood thinning component called Coumarin.

The common ceylon variety has more of this compared to the other types.

High levels of cinnamon intake can lead to blood coagulation and can be toxic to the liver.

It is best to take your doctors advice before consuming cinnamon as a health supplement.

Cinnamon Substitute and Food Pairings

Like most spices, there is always an option to substitute cinnamon with other spices.

You can read about the best substitute for cinnamon and the food pairings on this post here.

Where to Buy

Depending on the type of cinnamon you wish to buy, they are easily available at most supermarkets.

You will find the ceylon variety in most super stores.

For Cassia cinnamon you will have to visit an Indian/Asian or ethnic grocery store.

Wherever you choose to buy it from make sure it is from a trusted source.

The sticks should be bright and in whole pieces with neat tight quills.

Check the manufacturer date before you buy as old cinnamon stick will taste a lot less stronger.

Ensure that the packs or jars are tightly sealed.

Recommended Products

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How to Store Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks can loose freshness pretty soon if not stored properly.

Keep it in a tightly sealed glass container, or if they are in a packet then close the opening of the packet tightly with a clip. 

Store them in a dark, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Well stored sticks will keep its character and flavour for a least 12 months.

Easy Recipes with Cinnamon to Try

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Rezala Curry

Easy Healthy Multigrain Pulao

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I always heard cinnamon was healthy but never knew why. So cool to learn about it!

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Do you think you could also store cinnamon in the freezer like you do with coffee?

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I never thought of grinding my own cinnamon! That’s a great idea because I often have leftover cinnamon sticks and no use for them. I also didn’t know there were so many health benefits of cinnamon. Finally something I like that’s really healthy. 😀 PS – your “What Is Cinnamon Called In Other Languages” section talks about bay leaves. 😉

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