An amazingly easy to make Indian Meatball Curry in fragrant fennel seeds flavoured sauce. Ready in 30 minutes goes great with plain boiled rice or bread!

The Indian word for meatballs or anything that resembles a ball shape and go into a curry is called ‘ Kofta’derived from the Persian word. It means to grind or beat which is why it uses ground meat such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken or any other kind of meat.

The Convenience of Mince Meat Meals

I am a fuss-free cook, which means convenience and taste take precedence over laborious and out of the world!!

Let’s face it, we live in a daily grind, occasional treats are fine but one cant create lavish meals everyday… unless of course you are the lucky one to have someone do it for you!

One of my must-have proteins other than fish is mincemeat. I love the variety and fast cooking mince meat meals you can make in minutes.

You have the option of making a homemade burger, meat loaf, meatballs, kebabs, curry, chilli, fillings for tacos, enchiladas and many more.

Meatballs cook easily and adding other ingredients such as herbs and spices to minced meat gives it added flavour and texture.

If you have not been using mincemeat then I strongly advise you to start keeping some in your freezer for stiring up tasty family-friendly meals to enjoy!

Are Meatballs Healthy? How to Buy Good Quality Mince Meat!

This is a question I asked myself once I discovered the conveneince of mincemeat.

Commercial meatballs can contain a high amount of fat and sodium so always read the label to check its fat content.

If possible make your own meatballs at home with lean mince meat. They are super easy to make and as mentioned above keeping mince gives you many more options to make mincemeat meals other than just meatballs!

Supermarkets these days have a leaner variety of mincemeat which is great.

Your second option is to put on a pretty smile and ask your butcher to make some fresh mince for you with a lean cut of meat. ( they find it difficult to put off a charm)

Pork mince, unfortunately, has more fat content so if possible substitute it for other red meat option. Occasional pork mince of course does not hurt!

If you stick to modest portions and lean meat, you can enjoy its benefits without overdoing it.

Easy Indian Meatball Curry Recipe in Fennel seeds Flavoured Sauce

Cooking Meatballs in Sauce

There are many different recipes of meatball cooked in sauce. The most popular of course is meatballs in tomato sauce. However you can also make different sauce base like creamy white sauce, yogurt based sauce, pesto sauce and many more.

In actual fact, if there is a sauce that you add chunky pieces of meat in then I see no reason why the meat pieces cant be replaced by meatballs!

Cooking meatballs in sauce allow the mince to absorb all the flavours from the sauce making it tender, succulent and fast cooking.

This Indian meatball curry recipe, is my original version needing 8 popular everyday spices and has the subtle yet aromatic flavour of freshly ground fennel and cumin seeds.


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Mince Meat (any kind or mixed)- 250 gms
Onions - 1
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Garlic - 3 pods
Tomato - 1, chopped
Tomato sauce - 2 tbsp
Cream - 3 tsbp
Coriander leaves - a large handful
Breadcrumbs - 3 tbsp
Oil - 1/4 cup (most for pan frying the meat balls and rest for making sauce)
Salt to taste
Spices Used
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Green Cardamom - 2
Black Cardamom- 2
Bayleaves - 1
Fennel Seeds - 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
Garam Masala powder - 1 tsp
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Make the meatballs
Add half of the fresh coriander leaves, cumin seeds, salt and breadcrumbs to the mince meat and mix it well together.
Heat oil in a pan and add lemon shaped portions of meatballs to warm oil.
Cook till it changes in colour turning it from time to time.
Set aside to use later in the sauce
Making the sauce
Mince or grind together onion,ginger and garlic and set aside.
In a mortal pestle grind fennel seeds and cumin seeds to a coarse powder and set aside.
Heat oil in a pan and once warm add browm cardamom, green cardamom and bay leaves.
Once it changes in colour after about 20 seconds, add the onion ginger garlic paste to the pan.
Saute until it becomes caramel in colour and the raw smell of the aromats go away and oil starts to seperate out of the onion mixture.
Now add the chopped tomatoes to the onion and continue to saute till it becomes pulpy.
Add tomato sauce, chilli powder and garam masala powder to the pan and saute for a minute further.
Once you see the moisture from the tomatoes have evaporated and oil starts to seperate out, add warm water and salt to taste to the onion tomato mixture.
Once the water comes to a boil, add the fried meatballs and ground fennel and cumin powder, cover and cook for 8 -10 minutes on low heat.
Add cream just before taking it off heat.
Garnish with a good helping of fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with rice or any Indian bread.
Vegetarian option - For a vegetarian option use mince soya or quorn.
Child Friendly Version - Omit chilli powder completely or remove a portion of the masala base (before adding water) to another container and make it seperately for kids. Add chilli powder in the remaining (hot version) masala base and continue to follow recipe by adding water for both portions.
Heathly Version - Skip using cream, you can use 2 tbsp of skimmed milk instead.