An incredibly easy and flavour packed Slow Cooker Lamb Rogan Josh recipe made with only 2 tbsp of oil for a healthy low-calorie Indian Lamb Curry version.

What is Rogan Josh

It is believed that Rogan Josh originated in Persia and was introduced by the Mughals to the Kashmiri Cuisine also known as Wazwan. Wazwan in a multi-dish course prepared and offered during big Kashmiri occasions.

‘Rogan’ means red while ‘Josh’ means passion or heat.

Hence the fiery red oil layered succulent pieces of meat that is the customary Rogan Josh gravy!

The redness of the dish comes from making a paste of Kashmiri Red Chillies which has a vibrant red colour with a little less of the heat quotient slow cooked in a good helping of clarified butter or ghee!

Rogan Josh is normally made using lamb or any red meat of your choice, but Chicken Rogan josh has become equally popular with those who enjoy the aroma packed Rogan Josh sauce but not too keen on red meat.

The heat of the chillies is mellowed down with the use of yoghurt and tomato to make the gravy.

The Healthier Lamb Rogan Josh Recipe

What makes this particular recipe version of Rogan Josh special and unique is that although it uses the traditional spices to make a Rogan Josh base it cuts out on the oil and cooking time.

Traditionally a Rogan Josh curry base requires a considerable amount of oil/ghee to increase flavour, but since this dish is made in a slow cooker you do not need to use as much oil and yet not compromise on its taste.

If you do not have a slow cooker you can use an oven proof dish, or a pressure cooker or even cook it on the lowest stovetop heat to make this dish.

Home Made Rogan Josh Spice Mix

Kashmiri cuisine in one of my most favourite Indian cuisine. The reason being that they use robust strong spices which bring absolutely scintillating flavours to dishes.

It is a delicate, aromatic and rustic way of cooking which differentiates it from other popular Indian dishes that you may be used to.

It is only when I started to make Kashmiri food often, I realised that you don’t really need lots of onions or garlic to make a dish tasty. Knowing and using spices and herbs correctly is all you need to do to enhance flavours of the blandest of foods be it spinach, potatoes or Brussel sprouts!

I make this basic Rogan Josh Spice blend at home and store it to make not just Rogan Josh but a chicken curry, vegetable curry or even a spiced up pie!!

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The whole spices used to make Rogan Josh Spice Blend

Simply dry roast all the spices and blend them in a spice blender or a pestle and mortar.

Store it is an airtight container and keep it ready to be used multiple times for making different recipes until its time to make it again.

Child-friendly Indian Lamb Curry Option

You can also make a child-friendly version of Lamb Rogan Josh for the whole family to enjoy which is not too spicy and hot. You don’t need to cook two separate meals and get the kids to enjoy something spicy to try.

All you need to do is add a tablespoon or two more of yoghurt to the sauce gravy.

Add reduce whole chillies to the spice blend for a child-friendly version of an Indian Lamb Curry.

Remove some of the lamb and gravy from the slow cooker when the lamb is done for the kids, add more of the spice blend and/or chilli powder to the remaining part of the dish in the cooker and continue to cook for another 1/2 hour for a spicier hot version.

Slow cooker Lamb Rogan Josh recipe


Share your Rogan Josh Recipe

There are many variations to a Rogan Josh recipe. Do you have one? If yes then do comment below with your version.





Lamb - 500 gms
Potatoes - 2, cubed (optional)
Onions - 1, sliced
Garlic garlic paste - 2 tsp
Tomato puree - 1/2 cup
Yogurt - 1/4 cup
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Spices Used
Green Cardamon - 3
Black Cardamon - 2
Cloves - 4
Kashmiri Whole Red Chillies - 5-6 (substitute with any whole red chilli)
Fennel seeds - 1 tbsp
Coriander seeds - 1 tbsp
Mace - 1 flower
Dry fenugreek Leaves - 1 tbsp (optional)
Garam Masala Powder - 1 tsp
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Make Home Made Rogan Josh Spice Blend
Heat a flat pan to medium high.
Add each of the whole spices listed under spices used category apart from Garam Masala Powder and fenugreek leaves.
Dry roast them for 4-5 minutes on low heat until it changes slightly in colour.
Remove from heat and keep aside to cool.
Make a coarse powder with a spice grinder or a mortar and pestle and reserve for later use.
Frying Potatoes (Optional step)
Heat oil in a pan. Add the cubed potatoes and fry till they turn golden brown in colour.
Transfer to the slow cooker.
Seal the Lamb
In the same pan, add oil (if required) and bring it to heat.
Add ginger garlic paste to the oil and saute for about 2 minutes.
Next add the sliced onions and saute till it becomes slightly translucent in color.
Finally add the lamb pieces and seal the juices for about 3 minutes.
Putting it all in the Slow Cooker
Add the sauteed lamb pieces to the slow cooker.
Add tomato puree, salt, sugar and 2 tbsp of the rogan josh spice mix.
Cover and cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8 hours.
If you happen to be around then add yogurt, garam masala powder and 1/2 tsp of the rogan josh mix midway through cooking. If you are away then add yogurt with tomato puree.
Later add Garam Masala powder and 1/2 tsp of spice blend half hour before serving.
Sprinkle crushed fenugreek leaves over the lamb curry and serve hot with either rice or any Indian bread.