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Whole fresh Royale Dorade marinaded in homemade Lemon Caper Sauce and oven baked for a crispy crust and juicy flesh!
The Italian Affair
My first taste of capers was on our trip to Sicily. Today as I write the recipe of fish with lemon caper sauce, I feel the need to affirm my love for the cuisine which has inspired me since I tasted my first Spaghetti Bolognese, ‘ Ti amo L’Italia’

Everday during breakfast, they would put a small bowl of capers in the middle of the table along with olives!

Initially, I thought they belonged to the olive family, recently reunited or otherwise commonly known as hybrids!

After a bite of them, I was taken aback by its tangy taste and asked the waiter if it was some sort of pickled peas. He, with an equally bemused smile on my lack of knowledge, said ‘Capperri’. After he left I turned to my trusted know all google partner which translated it to ‘Capers’ in English!

Being true to my love of Italian food, I had to bring back the flavours home as a reminiscence of my rendezvous with capers!

What are Capers?
Why I say I am in love with capers is because of its impressive quality as a flavour booster. It is amazingly versatile and can instantly give a dish, a different dimension of yum!

Capers, like cloves, are flower buds which come from a shrub-like bush. The tender fresh Capers are hand- picked long before flowering, dried and later packed in brine or salt.

Popularly used in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, North African, Southern European and Turkish cuisine, it has been around in the culinary world for long. My discovery of it has been recent though!

Capers go best with fish, egg, meat or chicken. However, my new found love of capers has made me use it in many forms. Some of the culinary possibilities that I have explored with this little emerald gems are:

A caper pesto to go with pasta or steak
A salad dressing
Pizza and bruschetta topping
In Antipasti platter
Guacamole made with pesto and avocado
Added to soups and stews as seasoning and for bite
Balance the taste of sweet vegetables like beetroot, carrots, peas, sweet potato and pumpkin
Would love to hear your kitchen trials with capers. So please do comment below on your experience.

For now here is the recipe of Whole Fish with Lemon Caper Sauce

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