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Substitute for Fenugreek Seeds

Substitute for Fenugreek Seeds

Top four  substitute for fenugreek seeds that are easy to find and use when a recipe lists fenugreek seeds or powder as one of the ingredients. Follow the replacement measures and tips on cooking with fenugreek seeds or the alternatives.

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If you are into Indian food or cook Indian food now and then, you may already be familiar with the tiny pale yellow stone like spice called fenugreek seeds or methi dana in Hindi.

They are a common feature in most Indian kitchens. If you find yourself not having fenugreek in stock or on a look our for a fenugreek replacement then this post is for you!

What Is Fenugreek

In effect fenugreek is an herb that is used in different forms that is , in dry & fresh fenugreek leaves, or seeds and powder forms which is what makes them a spice.

You can click the link below to read more about the types of fenugreek used for cooking.

The seeds when eaten raw can taste slightly bitter but mostly when you bite into it, the powder is more bitter than whole fenugreek seeds due to its ground form but both have an overlying sweet aroma.

If I was to compare the similarity of taste of Fenugreek, it tastes like maple syrup but more nutty as opposed to woody. Slight bitter sweet.

Best Fenugreek Seeds Substitute

This spice may not be the easiest spice to find, as not all supermarkets keep them.

I recommend my favourtive online store to buy fenugreek below.

If you are looking for a fenugreek seeds alternative then there are few options to choose from.

The type of substitute you choose will depend on the type of dish you are making and when to use the best type of fenugreek substitute.

Here are some options for you.

Most Versatile Alternative

  1. Option 1Carom seeds or celery seeds – Both these seeds are nutty and aromatic and can be replaced for fenugreek seeds in most dishes.
  2. Option 2 Maple syrup – If you wish to add a bitter sweet undertone with a similar aroma to fenugreek then maple syrup is your best bet. Drizzle a spoonful or two for an aromatic sweet flavour.
  3. Option 3 – Fennel Seeds – Ground or whole fennel seeds are also a good substitute for fenugreek seeds. Add them to the recipe as you would normally add fenugreek seeds.

For Indian curries or other sauce based dishes

Option 4 – Curry powder – For making curries and sauces, I suggest adding a tsp of curry powder as most curry powder spice blend have ground fenugreek seeds added.

Can fenugreek powder be substituted for the seeds?

And yes, you absolutely can substitute one for the other as one they are the same spice but in different forms.

However when replacing fenugreek powder with seeds thn add only 1/2 the quantity for each spoon.

For example if the recipe calls for 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds then use 1/2 tsp of ground fenugreek and cook as normal.

Can you substitute fenugreek leaves with fenugreek seeds?

Please note that the above alternatives to fenugreek is only for the seeds or powder.

You cannot use them as a substitute for fenugreek leaves that is kasuri methi in Hindi or fresh fenugreek.

Since the flavour profile of the leaves and the seeds are different substituting one of the other is not a good idea.

The post here recommends the best alternatives to fenugreek leaves.

substitute for fenugreek seeds pinterest image

Best Food Combinations With Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds or powder are both versatile and mild spices that can be used to cook many dishes.

Here are few ideas on how to use fenugreek for cooking.

Since the taste is mild and neutral fenugreek seeds pair well with most food ingredients.

Here are some suggestions:

Vegetables – spinach, caulliflower , potatoes, green beans, pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, sprouts

Fruits – Apple, mango, pear, peach

Meat – All types of red meat and chicken

All types of pulses and legumes

Spices – Cumin, coriander, bay leaves, peppercorn, fennel seeds , turmeric , carom seeds , green cardamom, red chilli

Where To Buy Fenugreek Seeds

Where To Buy Fenugreek Seeds

The health benefits of fenugreek seeds are many and therefore you are likely to find them in most natural health food stores.

You can also buy them from any local Indian grocery store .

For ease of shopping buy them online. My recommended online store for all your spice requirements is The Spice House.

You can buy Fenugreek seeds directly from them by clicking on the image below.

Fenugreek seeds buy online
Click image to buy online

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2 years ago

I love all the spices of the world. I do have some of these in my collection. Love the aroma.

2 years ago

This is such a helpful post, thank you for sharing. I often struggle to find certain spices in shops and never know what spices pair well together. Your guide will come in so useful.

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