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Unique Gift Ideas for Food Lovers That Will Make Them Squeal With Joy

Unique Gift Ideas for Food Lovers That Will Make Them Squeal With Joy
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Your search for gifts ideas for your gluttonous friend, relative or even colleague ends right here!

Don’t know about you but I do like to take my time (to my husband’s utter annoyance) to find something for a dear friend or family that is a bit unusual, thoughtful, utility-based and if possible not from the high street.

It’s not always the price tag that a gift carries but the idea of it being useful for someone that makes sure they will not be recycling what you thought was a good gift!  (I know you do that 🙂

Here is a collection of few unique gift ideas for any occasion sure to make someone feel special and envelop you in the tightest hug!

For The Flavour Addicts  – Spices and Salts

For a budding chef, a lover of flavours or experienced cook! This collection of spices and flavoured salts are a joy to add a depth of taste with ease to everyday cooking.

Make Your Own Curry Spice Set with Cookbook
Make you Curry Gift Box from The Spicery
A gift box set of 4 Spice blends complete with a cookbook with authentic Indian recipes.

This is the ultimate gift for any curry lover.

A bright coloured cooking book with authentic Indian recipes and spice tins to go with it.

It’s so colourful and unique that you’ll want to show it off on your kitchen shelves!

International Meals In a Box Spice Kit
 Restaurant Favourites Meal Spice gift set Kit
Create 8 different worldwide meals with these handy little spice kits

Take someone to a culinary journey of the world with these World Restaurant Favourites to make your own spice gift set.

These clever little spice kits only contain 100% pure Gluten Free Spices. Great for sharing with loved ones and even better as a pressie for those budding chefs or aspiring cooks.

Gourmet Sea Salt Assorted Sampler Set
Gourmet Sea Salt Assorted Sampler Set
Gourmet Sea Salt Assorted Test Tube Sampler Set

A beautiful flavour packed gift for a seasoned chef or those beginning to experiment with flavours. 

Each 1 ounce test tube, contains a different salt with unique properties and tastes.  

Add delicious flavour, nutrients and minerals from these minimally refined salt. Handmade, natural wood base looks great on any kitchen countertop. 

Smokehouse Favorites – BBQ Rub and Spices Gift Set
Smokehouse Favorites ~ BBQ Rub and Spices Gift Set
Smokehouse Favorites – BBQ Rub and Spices Gift Set

Gift the mastery of grilling with this hand-picked smokehouse inspired spice blends.

Mixed at perfect ratios tried and tested to make sure you get the ideal blends for the most mouth-watering BBQ ever!

Real Gin Making Kit with Flavoured Spice Infusion Bags Gift Set

Set in a Sleak  Box It’s possibly the best gift you could give to the gin lover in your life! Perfect for any occasion.

Enjoy the look on their face the moment they open up their package and realize what you just got them.

Don’t be surprised if they always remember you as the best gift giver ever! Everyone can enjoy a tasty adult beverage from time to time, and nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own drink flavours and styles that people love.

Something For The Tea Lovers

We all know someone who loves tea! Instead of just gifting them an assortment of tea bags, why not give them something different that compliments their love!

Rose Bloom Flowering Tea With Glass Tea Pot 
Rose Bloom Flowering Tea
A unique tea that blooms into a flower for infused flavour tea.

A hot bouquet of flowers by Whittard of Chelsea. Brew the tea in the little glass pot provided and watch the leaves unfurl, then pour it into the cup for a beautifully floral cuppa.

Alice in Wonderland Fine Bone China Tea Set
 Alice in Wonderland fine bone china tea set
Gift a bit of wonderland with this Mad Hatters Tea Set Gift Hamper

Another quirky and fun creation by Whittard of Chelsea.  Recreate a Mad Hatters tea party at home by gifting this fine bone china tea set in a beautiful wicker basket. Inside you’ll find a teapot and tea plate, plus two mugs featuring the Hatter and March Hare themselves with a selection of delectable jams and Queen of Hearts strawberry shortbreads. Let the party begin.

A Tea for Every Mood Gift Set 
Best Mood enhancing Teas
The perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. Embrace the mood; Sip in the moment.

A tea for every mood created by Numi. Let the moment seize you and grab a cup of tea to pair with it. This thoughtful gift welcomes everyone to take a deep breath and allow their mood to inspire which type of tea they should enjoy at any moment.

Decorative Thermal Flask 
BonNoces 34 Ounce Coffee / Tea Thermal flask
A fancy little flask to keep teas/coffee/hot water warm for longer in this decorative flask

Get raves from guests and from whom you gift this to with this stylish new thermos.  Make an outstanding statement at gatherings and avoid heating the kettle each time. made from high-quality food grade material with vacuum insulated double walled stainless steel. 

Silver Plated Teapot Tea Spoon with Crystal
Elegance Silver 87625 Silver Plated Teapot Tea Spoon with Crystal
Stirring up happiness with silver plated teapot tea spoon set

Imagine the delight when someone receives these cute little teapot topped silver plated teaspoons. Use it every day to brighten up your morning cup or simply impress visitors. Made from high quality durable material this will surely stir up the happier side.

For The Tidy Cooks – Fancy Utility Kitchen Items

One of my favourite items to receive as a gift is something that doubles up as a utility item.  Here are few that are quirky and useful at the same time.

Splash shaped chopping board
Splash shaped chopping board
Add a splash of joy to everyday chopping

Eye-catching splash shaped chopping board makes chopping pleasurable. Unique vertical drip edge to keep it stable against the edge of your worktop. Plus, the vertical drip can be easily removed to make it a completely flat cutting board.

Stacked Rainbow Baking Set With Bowls and Sieve
Baking Set with bowls and sieve
Nest 9 Plus Stacked Baking Set from Joseph Joseph.

For the baking lovers – Introduce innovation and space-saving design with an abundance of colour into your culinary space, with the Nest 9 Plus from Joseph Joseph. The clever kitchen-companions slot neatly together within the mixing-bowl at the base, ensuring ease of storage.

Sharper vegetable peeler
fun vegetable peeler
A fun little peeler to make vegetable spirals

This quirky kitchen gadget might be shaped like a traditional office pencil sharpener, but it is actually used to create funky spirals and curls from carrots, courgettes and cucumbers! Perfect for creating a memorable and fun dinner presentation.

Racing Car Pizza cutter
Pit Stop Funny Pizza cutter
Race through a pizza and cut it into perfect slices

Designers Jay have created this amazing pizza cutter, styled like a retro racing car. This nifty kit comes complete with air vents, racing number and of course a driver.   Slice your pizza in style and make sure you’re top of the podium in the pizza-slicing stakes!

 Picnic Table Design Condiment Table Set
Utility Condiment table set - picnic table design
Stunning functionality and unique design with is Utility Condiment Picnic Table!

This brilliant design-led condiment stand from Temerity Jones is a delightful combination of form and functionality. Shaped like a picnic bench with a classic Fifties-style umbrella, this funky dining table accessory is actually a handy holder for condiments. This stylish set comes with four classic diner style condiment holders; for ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper.

Hope you like this collection of gifts for any occasion for those who like to cook and eat!

Do you have any favourite gift that you have received or gifted to someone?

Do share them with me so that I get a chance to either spoil myself or someone else!

Unique Gift Ideas for Food Lovers tea lover and spice gift sets. Quirky gift ideas

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6 years ago

All such great ideas! Love that cutting mat.

Suja aka Sindhuja Kumar

These are some brilliant gift ideas for foodies. Love the peeler the most.

Elise Ho
6 years ago

That cutting board is hilarious. The picnic bench condiment holder reminds me of something we had when we were kids. It was quite similar.

6 years ago

I’m Indian so spices and seasoning is a must in my house lol. Great fun ideas =]

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There are those odd occasions where you may have misjudged the heat of chilli ...

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