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Demystify Indian Kitchen

I created the site to break the myth that Indian cooking is time consuming and spices confusing! I help busy homecooks get away from slogging in the kitchen with tips that make Indian cooking easy by simplifying spices and bring out the intuitive cook in you to create flavour bursting, healthy, fuss-free meals, giving you more ME TIME to enjoy!

Know Your Spices

A one glance spice list and tips on cooking with them.

Indian Cooking Tips

Demystify the process and confusion of cooking Indian food.


Inspiration of easy dishes that can be made in 30 minutes

Cook With Me

Join me live in an interactive online cooking class

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  Useful Cooking Tips  

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  Easy Recipes  

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"I highly recommend the indian cooking lessons with Sunrita! First and for most she’s such a kind and lovely spirit. She puts her whole heart ? into her lessons and course. We learned how to deal with Indians spices, and cooked Alu Matar, Jeera Rice and Cucumber Raita. It was such an amazing experience "
- Naama Millar
"Thank you so much Sunrita for a brilliant afternoon in the kitchen, the food which we cooked together was absolutely fantastic and your knowledge in cooking Indian food has really taught me a lot. You are a very easy going and extremely talented teacher."
- Kieran McAleese
"Sunrita was a great teacher for us. We had so much fun cooking and the food was amazing despite our own cooking! Her guidance was second to none and she even went the extra mile and helped us set up the food on the dining table and made us sit down and eat while she finished up in the kitchen. Highly recommend Sunrita. Looking forward to the next lesson !"
- Jo Galbraith
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