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Cooking Indian

  Facts and Myths  

Curry powder VS Garam Masala, two different Indian spice blends used for different purposes. If you are confused about what they are or use them as a substitute for the other, then its time to stop and use Garam Masala and Curry powder correctly in a dish. 

A comprehensive guide that unravels the difference between Curry leaves vs Bay leaves , their difference and uses.

Not long ago, Masala chai stall was something that you would find at every few...

  Indian Cooking Tips  

There is an assumption that Indian food is not catered for people on a low...

This post shares some easy Indian kitchen tips used by cooks that helps reduce the time to cook Indian food. 

A list of  10 easy to find fresh curry leaves substitute that will help replicate and replace curry leaves flavour in an Indian dish. 

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