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Bulgar Wheat eggy loaf recipe
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A delicious way to reuse leftover red bulgar wheat and give it a new avatar in the form of Eggy Red Bulgar Wheat Loaf. Made with the goodness of leeks, eggs and a pinch of garam masala this makes a good lunch box meal.
The Worry of Packed Lunches
Packed lunches, quick meals, healthy snacks … a dilemma;

Stack of portion size leftovers … a task; does that describe a day in your kitchen life!??

Well, it sure does in mine! I struggle with ideas to pack healthy and tasty lunch for my daughter’s school.

For reasons unknown there is always the last bit of meal left which never gets eaten by anyone. Don’t know why but I always land up with a small bowl of whatever I make for dinner as if leaving the last morsel will somehow magically turn into a full meal the next day!This leaves an array of leftovers in the fridge which I somehow have to try to reuse as opposed to wasting it.

I am lucky that my daughter is not too picky with food but she does have strong likes and dislikes when it comes to particular food kind.

She likes different kinds of meal each day for lunch which means that my jubilation to send last night’s dinner as her present day’s lunch is not an option.

She also does not like food that is squishy or mushy, so I have to think about finger food type of dishes to pack for lunch because I know that at least that would get eaten!

Reusing Leftovers to Make New Meals
I guess most of us parents who send packed lunches for kids have to spend at least 10 minutes of our daily life giving thought to,’what can I make and send for lunch tomorrow?’

And so to address the question I go back to my fridge and try to get inspiration from whatever leftovers I have been stacking up!

It’s not always easy to reuse odd dishes like a runny daal and a leftover fish pie. But I can use the daal to knead wholemeal flour and make into paranthas, while boil some extra potatoes and veg and turn the fish pie into fish cakes!!

I have now come to a stage where I quite enjoy having an array of leftovers as it gives me the inspiration to try and reuse them and create new meals, especially packed lunches or something for brunch!

How I Stumbled Upon This Bulgar Wheat Recipe
I had a small bowl of boiled bulgar wheat left over, not enough for making another meal and too little for my lunch too (I have a big appetite you see :0).

It’s almost like a cross between a quiche and a frittata. The reason this dish has become one of my favorite brunch or packed lunch meal is the ease of making it and is packed with the goodness of veges, protein and low on carbs for those who are into counting their carbs! You can add any vegetable of your choice or pieces of ham or sausage for the meat lovers.

All I have to say is that the next time you struggle with what to make for lunch or snack just take a peek in your fridge, mix and match few ingredients and see what you come out with.

Super easy and tasty way of reusing bulgar wheat for a healthy packed lunch or mid day snack.

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Bulgar Wheat eggy loaf recipe

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