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Choose flavoured Almond butter to make your perfect toast

Choose flavoured Almond butter to make your perfect toast

Give Your Regular Toast a Different Twist with Flavoured Almond Butter

Almond butter on toast
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This post is not about spices for a change but another ingredient that boosts both taste and health!!

It is Almonds!!

If you’re “nuts” about nuts like me, then this article is just perfect for you.

I’ve got lots of trivia about these gamy little treats and I’m pretty sure you’ll find them interesting.

So what do you think? Are you ready for this tasty ride?

What are Nuts?

First thing first, let’s get this biggest trivia out the window:

Nuts are classified as fruits. Well, if you don’t know already.

But crack me open, I only stumbled across this fact not too long ago. I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not but it certainly came as a surprise to me.

Wait, Nuts Are Fruits?

Nuts are fruits with a hard shell and a seed inside.

They’re unlike your plush and juicy fruits that have a lot of moisture. If anything, they’re completely dry.

The seeds of these fruits are what we generally refer to as “nuts” after they have been peeled and dried but by botanical definition, a nut is a nut when it is still left unopened.

Read more about this is The Spruce Eats.

Sorry for rambling and on and on about this (though you might know of this already) but I’m really just astounded to come across this new information.

I keep thinking: If these were fruits, why do they create a distinction between them in product packages?

Like, with chocolate you get a description like “sweetened milk chocolate with fruits and nuts” right?

If they’re fruits in the first place, then shouldn’t there be any distinction at all?

Really now, I think this is where most of the confusion comes from.

At first, I would liken them to legumes (beans and all) because they are more similar in structure and taste which is why this kind of information really comes as a surprise!

Why are Nuts Good for You and What Should You be Careful About?

This fruit has many types but most of them are similar in texture.

We have cashew, pecan, macadamia, and almonds.

They each have a distinct taste but in general, they have this mangy and slightly sandy texture. They’re great sources of fat, protein and fibre making them a popular superfood among health enthusiasts.

In vegan cuisine, for example, nuts become a good alternative source of protein so most of their dishes have them as an ingredient.

Although these uncanny fruits are generally healthy to eat as they are good for the body and the brain (they’re packed with lots of nutrients, after all), I would advise to limit your daily intake to only a handful of these.


It’s because they still have saturated fat.

If you don’t really want to put on weight and turn the benefits into nightmares, you should limit your intake to at most 30 grams per day (that’s about 20 almonds).

Speaking of almonds, there are one too many ways for you to enjoy the chewy goodness of these tangy treats.

How about you try mixing up your breakfast with flavoured almond butter toast?

Toast with almond butter

How To Incorporate Almonds To Your Diet

Nuts are so good that you can eat them as they are but getting creative every now and again doesn’t hurt either.

Not to mention, you can tap into your culinary side a little more.

You can experiment with this healthy ingredient and try to get it into your daily meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you are to choose one type of healthy nut variant, almonds are an obvious choice.

Almonds are rich in healthy fats, magnesium, protein, and Vitamin E (Yes girls, it’s good for your skin).

It has been studied to improve the state of many physical anomalies such as blood pressure and cholesterol. As previously mentioned, you can eat as much as 20 almonds a day for a healthy helping.

Of course, you can also try almond products if you feel like plain almonds are getting boring.

And I don’t think there’s any better way to enjoy almonds than to turn it into a spread and top it on your breakfast toast.

Yum! Check out JuliesReal.com for more!

Nutty, buttery goodness is what you get when you try flavoured almond butter products.

Having some handy in the kitchen is a good way to improve your mood in the morning.

Just imagine piping hot toast topped with almond butter spread with a cup of nice, freshly-brewed coffee.

Nothing says paradise better, really. It’s a healthier choice compared to sugary cereals too!

What Nuts Are You Nuts About?

Given the choice of nuts out there, which once are your favorite and how do you add them to your daily diet?

Is it added to a bowl of cereal, or cereal bars, shakes or just happily munching for a healthy snack bite?

Do share your story about going nuts !! 🙂

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